THASA is committed in staying up to date with the latest development in the field of education and training, now providing the international Diploma in Hairdressing Qualification.

This hairdressing qualification has been customised for the South African industry and endorsed by The Employers' Organisation for Hairdressing, Cosmetology and Beauty (EOHCB) and UASA, a trade union representing workers' rights and interests in the workplace.

Overview of Hairdressing course:

Diploma Level 2 Units

- Working in the Hair Industry

- Follow Health and Safety in the Salon

- Client Consultations for hair Services

- Shampoo and Condition the Hair and Scalp

- Promote Products and Services to Clients in a Salon

- The art of Dressing Hair

- Create an Image based on a Theme within the Hair and Beauty Sector

- The Art of Colouring Hair

Diploma Level 3 Units

- Monitor and Maintain Health and Safety Practice in the Salon

- Consultation Support for Colleagues on Hair Services

- Cut Women's Hair to Create a Variety of Looks

- Style and Dress Hair Using a Variety of Looks

- Perm Hair to Create a Variety of Looks

- Creative Hairdressing Design Skills

Mode of Delivery

Learners shall attend theory and practical sessions at THASA. An integrated summative assessment will take place after each level.

Duration of Qualification

Full-time - one year - When studying full-time, the student needs to attend classes until all levels are completed successfully, before starting to work in a registered salon, to complete informal hours of practical experience.

Part-time - 2 years - The candidate has the option to complete the required one year practical experience in the salon while studying.

Each level needs to be completed successfully before the student may advance to the next level.

After completion of the one year industrial hours in the salon, the candidate may enter a Final Practical Assessment (FPA). This is a practical assessment that takes place at the college.


Formative Assessment

Continuous assessment takes place at regular intervals, which will prove readiness of the student to enter the Final Practical Assessment (FPA).

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