THASA is committed in staying up to date with the latest development in the field of education and training, now providing the latest Occupational Certificate: Hairdresser, designed to produce fully competent hairdressers

Overview of the Hairdressing course at THASA

Knowledge Modules

- Introductory studies for Hairdressers, NQF Level 2, Credits 6

- Hair and skin, NQF Level 3, Credits 10

- Shampooing, conditioners and treatment, NQF Level 2, Credits 6

- Communication and sales, NQF Level 3, Credits 6

- Hairstyling, NQF Level 3, Credits 20

- Hair Cutting, NQF Level 4, Credits 30

- Chemical hair services, NQF Level 4, Credits 30

Practical Modules

- Shampoo, condition and treat scalp and hair, NQF Level 2, Credits 6

- Style hair, NQF Level 3, Credits 25

- Cut hair, NQF Level 4, Credits 25

- Colour hair, NQF Level 4, Credits 25

- Provide chemical hair treatments, NQF Level 4, Credits 25

-Maintain professional customer services, NQF Level 3, Credits 2

You will complete these modules full time during the first year at THASA, and part time during the first half of the second year. During the second year you will start working in a salon to complete the Workplace Modules.

Mode of Delivery

Learners shall attend theory and practical sessions at THASA. An integrated summative assessment will take place after each level.


Formative Assessment

Continuous assessment takes place at regular intervals, which will prove readiness of the student to enter the Hairdressing Trade Test.

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